Complete teaching bundles for incredible prices

Teaching can sometimes be overwhelming.

There are so many things to manage. You want to provide your students with fun and engaging lessons, but you don’t have time!

You are NOT alone.

Here at Top Notch Teaching, you will find

➔ Lots of quick and easy activities to engage your students.
➔ High-quality teaching resources, tested with students, revised, and then released to teachers.
➔ Print and play literacy and math games to allow kids to practice skills in a fun way.
➔ Done for you printable packs that will save you a ton of time.

Meet the Top Notch Teaching Team!


Hi, I’m Mel! I am the founder of Top Notch Teaching. I am a primary school teacher and literacy specialist. It’s my passion to provide teachers with time-saving resources that help them thrive.

I have a particular interest in helping struggling readers and providing high-quality, evidence-based literacy instruction to help kids flourish. I love being able to work with teachers and provide support. I have previously offered in-class coaching for graduate teachers and mentored teachers across a broad range of topics.

I started Top Notch Teaching in 2012 because I knew so many teachers who were struggling to balance quality and excellence in teaching with time management. I hope, through my resources, to make it easier for you to balance the demands of being a teacher.

I live in Perth, Australia, with my husband, Stephen, and daughter, Emily. Emily is my inspiration and chief tester of many of the resources. She’s fantastic at providing feedback from a kid’s point of view, and she’s always willing to try new things. My sister Amanda keeps me to task by editing products and managing my social media.

Memberships / Registrations


● Registered member with the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (DSF) of Western Australia;

● Registered member of Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA).

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