Complete teaching bundles.

For one incredible price​.

Grab And Go Phonics Homework

Do you ever get tired of creating engaging homework activities?

Imagine not having to think about phonics homework for a whole year.

With the Fun Phonics Homework To Last The Whole Year bundle, you can make homework meaningful for kids and easy on yourself.

This bundle gives you 100 weeks of homework ready to print and send home. It even includes clear, specific instructions for parents and a tracking sheet for students!

The Complete Phonics Kit

Are you struggling with the different range of ability levels in your class?

Do you feel overwhelmed with knowing the best way to help your students with their phonics, so that they can become successful readers and spellers?

You’re not alone.

With well over 1000 teachers having purchased and used these items – you’ll soon free up your time so that you can focus on assisting those students who really need it!

Back To School Super Bundle

Playing back to school games in the class is always so much fun. Here you'll find a massive back to school bundle that is perfect to help you start the year right.

11 different items to help you get organized and ready to go back to school.

Are you a teacher getting ready for the beginning of the school year? It’s time to add a bit of fun to your back to school activities and ideas.

In this bundle you'll get 455 pages of no prep activities that will not only ease you into the beginning of a new school year but also last the entire school year.​

New Teacher Support Program

Being a new teacher shouldn't mean you're doing it on your own . . .

As a new teacher in your first few years of teaching, you have
A LOT on your plate. You just want to do what’s best for your students.

Being a new teacher is not easy, but it is possible to manage your time better, implement engaging activities and get on top of your classroom management…..with the right kind of support!

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