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CVC Words: Activities & Games Set 2

Are you teaching your kindergarten kids how to read and spell CVC words? Here you'll find CVC activities, games and worksheets.My students love playing games to help them learn to read and spell their cvc words, especially the 4 in a row game. Whether you’re looking for new activities to teach blending and segmenting skills to your kindergarten students, or for some cvc worksheets, I’m sharing some of my favorite cvc activities and games.

This pack will help your students to read, spell and write CVC words. The activities focus on helping children with their blending and segmenting skills.

The activities, games and worksheets are quick and easy to prep and they are perfect for individual or small group work. There are posters that can be used for display and word wall cards that can be added to a word wall or used as flashcards.

This set 2 focuses on the sounds/letters: b, c, g, h. If you have students struggling with these sounds, this pack is ideal at providing intervention through practice and consolidation.

The words used in this pack include:

bag, bat, Ben, bib, bin, bit
Bob, cab, can, cap, cat, cop
cot, gap, gas, ham, hat, hit
hot, mob, pig, sag, sob, tag

What you’ll get in the CVC words pack

1. 24 individual posters for each of the words.

2. 24 word wall cards for each of the words.

3. 10 different worksheets including:

  • 4 x Cut and Match
  • 2 x Draw the Words
  • 4 x Draw and Match
  • 4 x Missing Sounds
  • 4 x Find the Words
  • 4 x Read and Write
  • 4 x Match the Words
  • 3 x Match the Sentence
  • 3 x Finish the Sentences
  • 1 x Fluency Board

4. 2 games including:

  • Bingo
  • 3 x 4 in a Row

A sneak peek inside the pack

Are you teaching your kindergarten kids how to read and spell CVC words? Here you'll find CVC activities, games and worksheets.

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