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Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {qu}

Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {qu} | topnotchteaching.comSuitable for Grades K – 2, 24 pages.

Are you after some new ideas to support your teaching of digraphs?

Maybe you’ve already spent time working on digraphs with your students, but what you need now are some other ideas to review the concepts you’ve already taught.

This digraph pack will provide you with fun, hands on activities and games for teaching the digraph /qu/. These are great for introducing digraphs to your students, or to use as review.

The words used include:
quack, queen, quick, quill, quilt, quiz, squid and squint.

How the Digraph Pack will benefit you

  • Keep your students motivated and engaged with the bingo games;
  • Provide you with posters and word wall cards to display in your classroom; and
  • Save you time in finding and creating your own worksheets, activities and games.

Who can benefit from the Digraph Pack?

  • Classroom teachers;
  • Learning specialists;
  • Substitute / relief teachers;
  • Home schoolers;
  • Intervention specialists; and
  • Parents.

What you’ll get in the Digraph Pack

24 pages of activities, games and worksheets including:

1. 2 posters for the digraph /qu/

2. 8 word wall cards

3. 10 activities / worksheets including:

– Cut and Match
– Draw the Words
– Draw and Match
– Un-Jumble the Words
– Choose the Correct Spelling
– Find the Words
– Word Hunt
– Word Triangles
– Finish the Sentence
– Jumbled Sentences

4. 2 games including:
– /qu/ bingo: simple and advanced

A sneak peek inside the kit

Digraph Activities, Games & Worksheets {qu} | topnotchteaching.com

Click here to download a preview of the pack.

This item is also available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Here’s what teachers are saying

“Love the color choices for highlighting the concept!”

“My dyslexic student who excels at art especially enjoyed the draw and match activity! Thanks”

“I like the bingo games and the What am I game. Children love them.”

“Love these hands on games. They are so engaging. Great for fresh, new ideas.”

“Thank you! There are not many qu units out there.”

“I had a few students struggling with “qu” and this was perfect!”

What do you receive after your purchase?

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with your receipt and a link to download the item.

Click on the link in the email to open the resource as a PDF. You are then able to save the resource to your computer.

How much?

Pick this pack up today for an investment of only $5.00USD.

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