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Mental Math Activities & Posters

mental mathThis pack includes fun, hands on activities and games to help teach various mental math strategies.

Suitable for grades 1 – 4, 27 pages.

Does anyone else out there dislike teaching mental math? I don’t know what it is about it….but I always struggled to teach my students the skills needed in order to be able to mentally calculate.

That’s what this pack is all about. I’m going to share with you some of the activities and games I use to help teach various mental math strategies.

The general aim of teaching these mental math strategies to students is to:

  • Encourage students to use mental computation as a first choice and as a way of checking other forms of calculation.
  • Assist students in building a large variety of strategies from which they can select to complete calculations.
  • Help students in understanding the relationships and patterns that occur between numbers and operations, which will then aid them in their mental calculations.
  • Develop in students confidence and enjoyment in mathematics through the control and command over numbers.

The mental math strategies that are covered in this pack include:

  • Counting on strategy;
  • Near doubles strategy;
  • Compatible numbers strategy;
  • Partitioning strategy; and
  • Estimating strategy.

Each strategy includes:

  • An explanation of the strategy with examples;
  • Posters to assist in explaining the strategy;
  • Activity ideas to help your students practice the strategy; and
  • Games to provide further consolidation of the strategy.

A sneak peek inside the pack

mental math

mental math

mental math

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