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Phonics Games – CVC Words

Thumbnail1Do you need some fun and engaging ways to help your students learn CVC words?

These phonics games are designed to be used in conjunction with your phonics / spelling program. The pack focuses on students reading, writing and spelling CVC words. This item is suitable for Grades K – 2, 55 pages.

The pack is split into 7 sets of words, where each set introduces new sounds/letters. Each set builds on the previous and will include the sounds/letters from previous sets. The sets include:

Set 1: a, i, m, s, t
Set 2: n, o, p
Set 3: b, c, g, h
Set 4: d, e, f, v
Set 5: k, l, r, u
Set 6: j, w, z
Set 7: x, y

What you’ll get in the Phonics Games pack

  • Full instructions for preparing the games.
  • Directions for how to play 5 different games: build the balloon, flashcards, concentration, fish and snap.
  • An overview sheet that lists the words used in each set.
  • Word cards for each different set – 249 word cards in total.
  • Balloon game board for each set.
  • Lower case and upper case balloons.

A sneak peek inside the pack




Thumbnail4Click here to download a sample of the phonics games.

This item is also available from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Here’s what teachers are saying

“This is awesome for small group but I can see me using this as a target center game as well. 🙂 Thanks.”

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