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Phonics Matching Games

Thumbnail1Suitable for Grades K-2, 38 pages.

These phonics games are designed to be used in conjunction with your phonics / spelling program.  The sounds focused on include:

/sh/ /ch/ /ck/ and /th/.

Each sound includes a Word Building overview sheet and a set of 28 playing cards (14 pairs).  The clues on each card provide a line for each sound in the word (not each letter).  For example, the word ship has 3 sounds, so 3 lines are provided: _ _ _.  When written on the lines it looks like: sh i p.

There are many ways that the cards can be used.  Some of the games that I have used the cards with include:

  • Flashcards;
  • Fill in the Blank;
  • Concentration;
  • Fish; and
  • Snap.

The words used in this pack include:

Sh: brush, shell, cash, shop, dish, fish, wish, shed, shin, shelf, shut, shrub, ship, crash.

Ch: chin, chimp, chick, chips, chess, chest, rich, chops, inch, bunch, bench, lunch, munch, branch.

Ck: duck, stick, chick, truck, tick, clock, kick, lick, lock, neck, rock, sack, sock, thick.

Th: thin, theft, thick, think, moth, sloth, bath, cloth, path, fifth, thank, tenth, froth, sixth.

View the images below to see some of the activities and worksheets included in the pack!  Or click here to download a preview of the file.


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