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Safety – Story Maps

Thumbnail1In this lesson students will listen to a book all about safety. They will retell the events in the book in a logical sequence with the assistance of a story map. The students will then be involved in orally sharing the story maps with other children in the class.

This item is suitable for Grades K – 3, 15 pages.

By the end of this lesson your students will be able to:

  • Describe the story they have heard in the correct sequence;
  • Draw pictures to help describe the events in the story; and
  • Construct text to help describe the story.

What you’ll get in this lesson

  • Full lesson instructions including: lesson objectives, assessment focus, materials required, preparation and lesson steps.
  • Story map worksheet.
  • Full color safety book – Kim’s Birthday Adventure.

A sneak peek inside the lesson

Thumbnail1Thumbnail2Thumbnail3Thumbnail4Click here to download a sample of the lesson.

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