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Calendar Ideas And Activities

So far this month as part of my month long math series we’ve looked at a bunch of activities and games that develop concepts of number, mental math and space. For the next week I’m going to be focusing on various measurement activities.

I thought I’d start off the week of measurement by sharing with you a few ideas for using calendars in your classroom.

Monthly calendar activities

For the following questions and activities you will need a month’s calendar for each student. You can print any month from this website.

  • Select a month and get your students to review the days, numbers of days and weeks in the month. Allow them to plot in any significant events for that month.
  • You could also use an unnamed month and get your students to identify which month it could be. Give them clues to help them work it out.
  • Other questions you could ask about the month: which day of the week is the fourteenth? Are there more Saturdays than Sundays in this month? Write the date of the third Tuesday. What is the date three days after the third Monday?

Yearly calendar activities

You will need a yearly calendar for these activities.

  • Get your students to work out how many days they have been in school using the yearly calendar. Get them to also work out how many days to other significant events such as Christmas, their birthday or the school holidays.
  • You could also have your students create their own questions to swap with another student to answer.
  • For this idea you will need an enlarged calendar for the class to see. Also have prepared a number of cards that have the following prompts on them:

* Next Monday.
* First day of next month.
* First day of last month.
* Third Tuesday in this month.
* First day of the year.
* Last day of the year.
* First day of: summer, winter, autumn (fall), spring.

  • Have students pick a card and then stick them to the enlarged calendar in the correct place.
  • Include other prompts that suit the level of your students and your location. I have put together a free set of some calendar prompts that you might like to use. Just click on the picture below to download your copy.

math calendarWhat other ways do you use calendars in your class?

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Graphic Credits: Graphics From the Pond

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