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Free 2D Shape Dominoes

2d shapes

Games are such a fun way for kids to learn and practice various maths concepts. Here I share with you a 2d shape domino game that will help your students to learn the names of the shapes. The dominoes have a mixture of the various 2d shape pictures as well as properties of 2D shapes. You could use the dominoes in the usual way, but you could also cut apart each of the pieces to make a matching game. Just print them on thick card and cut apart and then you’re all ready to go.

Fill in the form below to get your copy now. I hope you have fun with this game.

How to use the dominoes

To use the dominoes in the normal way follow the below instructions:

  • Depending on the number of students playing you may need to make 2-3 copies of the dominoes.
  • Copy the dominoes onto thick card so that you cannot see through to the other side when turned upside down.
  • Place the dominoes face down on the table and mix them up.
  • Each player selects 7 dominoes.
  • Each player keeps the dominoes in front of them but hidden from the other players.
  • The youngest player begins.
  • That player selects one of their dominoes and places it facing up in the middle.
  • The next player to the left must then place a matching domino next to the first domino. For example, if the first player started the game with the domino that has the word nonagon and picture of a rectangle, then the next player must play a domino that has a picture (or word) of a nonagon or a rectangle. They join it up to the matching side.

shape dominoes

  • If they don’t have a matching domino then they pick one up from the others still facing down and their turn is over.
  • The winner is the first player to have no domino cards left.

You can also use the domino cards as a matching game. Cut each piece apart separately and spread them out face down in the middle. Players turn over 2 cards at a time to try and find 2 that match. If they match they keep them. The player with the most cards at the end is the winner.

names of shapes

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Graphic Credits: Graphics From the Pond

13 Responses to Free 2D Shape Dominoes

  1. I love your dominoes. The children I’m working with at the moment love them. Great way to work on the attributes of different 2 D shapes. Thank you.

    • Hi Linden,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment and I’m glad to hear your kids love them 🙂 Yes I agree they are a fun and engaging way to work on 2D shape properties.


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