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Free Transformation Puzzles

Are you after some ways to help your students visualize how things will look when moved? Transformation puzzles are fantastic to use as students physically move irregular figures to help them ‘see’ the changes. They then describe what they did to move the figure to each new position. This gets kids thinking about the language they will need to describe how they moved the item.

I’ve got some free transformation puzzles that you can use to help your students develop the idea that things can move around by reflecting (flipping), translating (sliding) and rotating (turning).  This helps kids to realize that by doing these movements it doesn’t change the size or shape of the thing.

The freebie includes a poster that explains the meaning of translation, reflection and rotation. There are also 5 different puzzles that include various irregular figures: frog, toy, present, fish and tree. I’ve also included an example page so you can model how to complete the activity and describe the transformations. Check out the pictures below to see how it all works. Click on any of the pictures to get a copy for yourself.

shape transformations

shape transformationThanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the fun math games and activities I’ve shared so far.

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Graphic Credits: Graphics From the Pond

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