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Long Vowel Sounds: Activities & Games

Are you teaching your kids about long vowel sounds? Do you need some new and fresh ideas to help you teach the long vowel sounds? I have a number of…

Long O Activities, Games & Worksheets

Are you teaching your kids about long vowel sounds? Do you need some new and fresh ideas to help you teach the long vowel sounds?

I have a number of students I’m working with on the long vowel sounds and I wanted some more activities and games to be able to use with them. Everything I had just wasn’t quite right for our needs.

So I’m in the process of creating some new packs for each of the long vowel sounds. So far I have completed Long E /ee/ and Long O /oe/. The other three long vowel sounds are a work in progress 🙂

What’s in the packs?

I thought I’d give you a little look inside as well as a free sample to try out.

For each set there are reading, writing, matching and kinaesthetic activities. Here is what is included:

1. Poster that includes all of the words sorted into the spellings of the focus sound.

2. 20 individual posters for each of the words.

3. 20 word wall cards for each of the words.

4. 10 activities / worksheets including:

  • Cut and Match
  • Draw the Words
  • Draw and Match
  • Choose the Correct Spelling
  • Find the Words
  • Read and Write
  • Match the Words
  • Sort the Words
  • Finish the Sentences
  • Fluency Board

5. 3 games including:

  • Sound Bingo
  • 4 in a Row
  • Reading and Spelling Board Game

Words used

The long E spellings and words include:

e: e-mail, she, he, defrost

ea: pea, dream, leaf, seal

ee: three, tree, teeth, street

ey: key, chimney, monkey, donkey

y: cherry, bunny, puppy, baby

The long O spellings and words include:

o: old, gold, domino, broken

oa: boat, goat, coat, soap, loaf

ow: snow, bow, arrow, pillows

o-e: bone, rose, globe, hose, home

oe: toes, Joe

Free sample

If you’d like to try out some of the activities with your students I’ve included a free sample for you. The sample is of the sound /ee/. Just click on the picture below to download them.

Long E Activities, Games & Worksheets

Get the full sets

If you like the sample, then you’re able to pick up the packs from either my Blog Store or Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Just use the links below.

Blog Store

Long E Activities, Games & Resources

Long O Activities, Games & Resources

TpT Store

Long E Activities, Games & Resources

Long O Activities, Games & Resources


***The giveaway has now closed*** 

Congratulations to the winners: Joann, Maria and Sheree.

Now on to the fun part. I would love to give away one of the packs to you. All you need to do is tell me why you would like to win them. I will pick my favourite response and that person will win their choice of packs. Use the comments below to enter your answer. This giveaway closes on Friday 11 September 9am WST. Good luck!

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  1. Sheree Beattie

    I would like to win them because I am tutoring a boy in Grade 4 who has Dyslexia and also traits of Autism and he would benefit from these quite a lot. Thank you.

  2. Maria Webb

    I would love to have one of the long vowel packs because I’m in a new grade this year. I’ve gone from teaching first grade to third grade. Phonics is still be covered in third grade and from my first grade years I know how important phonics is but I’m having trouble fitting it into my literacy block. I think the packs will be a great work station!

  3. Joann Nabb

    Hello Mel, I LOVE games in the classroom and your kits look fabulous! I teach K-6 English (and French) and have quite a variety of students from honor students to dyslexic students to some with Cerebral Palsy, who have speaking challenges, but are very intelligent. Games are the best method to reach such a variety of students and games are flexible, which allows me to add difficult variations/dimensions to them for the quicker students and watch the slower students grasp the concepts on the normal level. I would, of course, love to win a kit, since games have been so successful thus far, a new and fresh perspective is always welcome. Thank you for offering such a gift.

  4. Cindy Cole

    I can’t read the whold article. Every time I try it just returns me to the same page with the “clipped” preface. Sounds interesting though.

    • Melinda

      Hey Cindy,

      Sorry about that, my site is going through a few changes and it was not quite working correctly. It seems to be working okay now, if you’d like to try again 🙂


  5. Sheree Beattie

    Thank you so much Mel for selecting me as one of the winners. I couldn’t believe it when I received the email today. The grade 4 boy who I am tutoring who has Dyslexia and traits of Autism will benefit greatly from this prize.

    Keep up all the good work.


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