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31 Days Of Fun Math Games and Activities

math games

I’m very excited this month to share with you some of my favorite math games and activities. Welcome to the beginning of my month long series: 31 Days Of Fun Math Games and Activities. Every day during the month of October I will share with you a new math game or activity. My goal is to hopefully inspire you to try some new ideas in the teaching of math. This is all part of the 31 days series happening over at 31 Days.

I’ve even grouped the games and activities into their different math areas. Check out the schedule below to see what’s coming up and make sure you bookmark this page as this will act as your handy reference guide. As each post is published I’ll link it up below.

I hope you enjoy following along.


Day 1 – Free Hundreds Chart Puzzles

Day 2 – Top 3 Fun Calculator Games

Day 3 – How To Make A Times Tables Booklet

Day 4 – Card Turnover Math Game

Day 5 – A Great Activity For Maths Revision

Day 6 – How To Use Number Cards To Help Teach Place Value

Day 7 – 4 Quick Dice Games

Mental maths

Day 8 – Counting On Strategy

Day 9 – Near Doubles Strategy

Day 10 – Compatible Numbers Strategy

Day 11 – Partitioning Strategy

Day 12 – Estimating Strategy


Day 13 – Ideas For Teaching Your Students About Polygons

Day 14 – Exploring And Classifying Shapes With Gribbles

Day 15 – Free Transformation Puzzles

Day 16 – Fun With Tangrams

Day 17 – Finding Shapes That Tessellate

Day 18 – Free 2D Shape Dominoes

Day 19 – How To Create A Mystic Rose


Day 20 – Calendar Ideas And Activities

Day 21 – The Area Stays The Same

Day 22 – 5 Ideas For Teaching Elapsed Time

Day 23 – Exploring Measurement With Silhouettes

Day 24 – 10 Mini ‘Length’ Activities

Day 25 – Free Area Task Cards

Day 26 – Free Time Task Cards

Chance & data

Day 27 – 5 Ideas For Exploring Chance

Day 28 – How You Can Use Chance Picture Cards

Day 29 – Sorting Data With Venn Diagrams

Day 30 – 10 Probability And Graphing Anchor Charts

To wrap it up

Day 31 – 70 Cool Math Games

Graphic Credits: Graphics From the Pond and Dollar Graphics Depot

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