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How To Create A Mystic Rose

Have you ever had your students create a mystic rose before? It’s a great way to construct various geometric shapes and the design is attractive as well. Here’s how you construct them.

Step One

First you will need to get your students to use a compass to draw a circle. Or you will need to provide a template of a circle. Once the circle is drawn, your students will need to mark 12 equal sections, as in the picture below.

mystic rose

Step Two

To create the design students will need to use a sharp pencil or marker. They need to carefully rule in all of the diagonals from each point across the circle. It will look like the pictures below.

mystic rose

mystic rose

mystic roseStep Three

When the design is complete you can have your students answer the following questions:

  • Name some of the shapes that you can see in the design?
  • Can you work out how many diagonals there are altogether? You could give them the clue that there are 11 from each point.

Step Four

You can also have your students color the design for display in the classroom. Also, why not get them to make other mystic roses with a different number of sections, such as 7.

mystic roseClick here to find more fun math games and activities

Graphic Credits: Graphics From the Pond

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2 Responses to How To Create A Mystic Rose

  1. I never would have thought to have the kids do a mystic rose, and never would have been able to figure out how to make one without this tutorial. Thank you! My kids will love this math activity.

    • Hey Bekki,

      Thanks so much for your comment and I’m glad the tutorial was useful. I hope your kids enjoy creating different magic roses, they look great when they’re finished.


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