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Discover 5 Of The Best Physical Education Games For Kids

Are you after some more fun physical education games that you can use with your kindergarten or second-grade students? Physical education games are so much fun, and I’ve found that…

Are you after some more fun physical education games that you can use with your kindergarten or second-grade students?

Physical education games are so much fun, and I’ve found that they’re an excellent way to start the school day. I set aside the first 20 minutes of the day for early morning fitness on at least three days in the week, where we play fun pe games.

Physical education activities are an excellent way to energize your students and get them ready for learning for the day.

5 fun physical education games

Here are five fun physical education games that your students will love.


You will need 6-10 hoops for this pe game.


  • Create several “islands” using hoops scattered on the ground.
  • Students must jog around the islands without touching them.
  • When the teacher calls the signal ‘Islands,’ the students must get onto an island before the teacher counts to five.
  • Students need to share their island with others.
  • Students who do not fit into one of the hoops are out of the game.
  • Remove one hoop after each count of 5 until 1 island of survivors remains.
  • Variation – Instead of getting students to run get them to hop, skip, jump or crawl.

Traffic lights

For this game, you will need one hoop for each student.


  • Students drive their car by holding a hoop around their waist.
  • When the teacher calls out ‘Green’ the cars may go at a fast pace.
  • On ‘Yellow’ cars must drive slowly.
  • On ‘Red’ cars must stop and drop the hoop to the ground.
  • The last student/s to drop their hoop to the ground is out of the game.
  • Call out the colors at random to try and trick the drivers.
  • Variation – Have two students sharing a hoop.

Dead bugs

You do not need any special equipment for this physical education game, just space for students to run.


  • The teacher calls ‘here,’ ‘there,’ ‘where’ or ‘dead bugs’ at random.
  • On ‘here’ students run and try to stomp the teacher’s toe (never let them close enough).
  • On ‘there’ students run in the direction the teacher is pointing or to a marked boundary line such as the edge of the oval or tennis court.
  • On ‘where’ students jog on the spot.
  • On ‘dead bugs’ students lie on their backs and wave arms and legs in the air like a dead bug.
  • Variation – Instead of running students can hop, skip, jump or crawl.

Stuck in the mud

You do not need any special equipment for this physical education game, just space for students to run.


  • Define an area and choose 3-4 students to be taggers.
  • The rest of the group stays within the defined area and tries to avoid being tagged.
  • Once tagged, a person must freeze with their legs apart – stuck in the mud.
  • A person can only be ‘unstuck’ by someone who is running free.
  • They must bend down and without getting tagged touch both the person’s shoes to free them.
  • Change taggers regularly.
  • Variation – Run in pairs with hands joined at all times – taggers too!

Don’t get caught

You will need a parachute for this pe game.


  • Students are given a number from 1-5.
  • They lift the chute to waist height and on the command “raise the chute” everyone lifts the chute above their heads.
  • The teacher calls a number, eg ‘3!’.
  • All the ‘3’s have to change places with another ‘3’ on the opposite side of the chute before the chute is lowered to the ground.
  • Students must be reminded of the safety aspect and the need to avoid collisions.
  • Variation – Call individual students 1-2 at a time.

More fun physical education games and activities

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning some new fun pe games. And if you’re after even more ideas, then check out my Physical Education Lesson Plans.

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Are you after some fun physical education games? Here are 5 fun pe games that are an excellent way to energize your students, so they're ready for learning.

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  1. Jo Bailey

    Nice ideas – do you have non elimination activity versions? For Islands you could have a “pirate zone” for anyone who doesn’t fit into a hoop – they complete some other physical activity task (10 jumping jacks etc) before returning to the next round. Vary the number allowed in each hoop each time to add math/ counting skills. In Traffic Lights the last groups could go to a driving school to work on other skills before rejoining the game. Basically if the goal is physical activity (which is fantastic) you really don’t want to eliminate kids, especially as those who get eliminated are probably the ones who may need it the most 🙂
    It is wonderful that you are doing this for your students.
    Jo Bailey
    Wisconsin Health and Physical Education President (WHPE) 2012-2014

    • Melinda

      Hi Jo,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes I agree that it is also good to have options that do not eliminate children, and that still get them all moving. Thanks for taking the time to share some of your ideas….and I look forward to trying them 😀


  2. Everyone deServes to Learn

    I like these ideas- this is a great way to get students up and moving during testing as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. Mary McAfee

    I love the warm-up activities for the morning! Really creative and engaging. Often, my class uses the same individual warm ups, but I love the idea of incorporating the warm up into a whole group activity like this!

    • Melinda

      Hey Mary,

      Yes the students do certainly like beginning the day with some physical activity, and I find that they’re much more settled when they come back into the class. And we have such wonderful weather here in Perth who wouldn’t want to be out enjoying it 😀

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment.


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