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How To Make A Times Tables Booklet

Being able to recall multiplication facts (times tables) is an important part of mathematics. Here I share with you an alternative way to practice the times tables rather than solely focusing on drill and practice type activities.

Times tables booklets are a great tool for students to use to test themselves and review various table facts. They can be made for each of the times tables, or any that your students are having difficulty with.

Step 1

Have enough strips of paper for each student. The strips should measure 60cm long and 5cm wide. Fold over a rectangle about 4cm wide at the left side of the strip.

times tablesStep 2

Continue to fold the strip of paper over on itself for the length of the strip. Cut off any left over paper.

times tables gamesStep 3

Choose the multiplier for the booklet, e.g. 6. Write: Tables Booklet x 6 on the front of the booklet.

times table gridStep 4

Turn back the front page of the booklet. On the left side write 1 x 6 and on the right side make a pattern of the answer (6 dots). Then write the number 6 in the top right hand corner.

times tablesStep 5

Open the strip of paper one more page. Then write 2 x 6 on the left side, make another pattern of 6 dots and then write the number 12 in the top right hand corner.

times tables gamesStep 6

Continue to open up the strip of paper and each time add one more multiple of 6, until the booklet is completed. You can then get your students to pair up and test each other on the various table facts.

times table gridI hope you and your students have fun making times tables booklets.

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Graphic Credits: Graphics From the Pond

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12 Responses to How To Make A Times Tables Booklet

  1. Wow! What a great tool for visual learners. Math is so multidimensional and this is a nice activity to build deeper comprehension. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think I’m going to cry! For the longest time my daughter struggled with her multiplication facts; she would get so frustrated and I could never explain properly to help her. Then I found this booklet idea and it was like a switch went off! She knows most of her facts and continues to master the rest! Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver!

    • Hi Annette,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m so pleased to hear that the booklet has helped your daughter to learn her multiplication facts. I think it definitely helps kids to understand the concept and I think they’re fun to make as well.


  3. This is fantastic! I have a fidgeter who struggles with retaining number facts. I’m hoping that the combination of keeping his hands busy and involved as he is learning might help the ideas stick! Both my boys are having fun making them (as I type) so that’s a positive start.

    • Hi Heather,

      I’m so pleased to hear that these booklets will be able to help your ‘fidgeter’ :-D. And that’s great that both of your boys are having fun making them as you type, definitely a good start. Hopefully they’ll help with recalling the facts.

      Thanks for you comment

    • Hi Fran and welcome,

      I’m glad you found your way here from Pinterest, don’t you love Pinterest such fantastic ideas. I hope your students enjoy making and using the booklets.


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