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Teaching literacy just got a whole lot more exciting! Welcome to the revamped Top Notch Literacy Club, where we’ve unleashed a wave of innovative cross-curriculum resources designed to transform your classrooms into dynamic learning hubs. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a world of escape rooms, scavenger hunts, gallery walks, breakouts, secret codes, magic word searches, jeopardy-style games, and more!

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Teaching literacy just got a whole lot more exciting! Welcome to the revamped Top Notch Literacy Club, where we've unleashed a wave of innovative cross-curriculum resources designed to transform your classrooms into dynamic learning hubs. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a world of escape rooms, scavenger hunts, gallery walks, breakouts, secret codes, magic word searches, jeopardy-style games, and more!

🌟 Discover the latest additions to the Club 🌟

Dive into a world of fresh and captivating resources designed to elevate your teaching experience across various content areas. From engaging escape rooms to interactive scavenger hunts, these innovative activities are sure to infuse a burst of energy into your classroom.

🌪️ Natural Disasters

Explore the forces of nature with dynamic resources such as:


Vocabulary Gallery Walk


Word Wall Cards with Definitions

💧 Water Cycle

Immerse your students in the wonders of the water cycle with resources including:


Reading Comprehension | Close Reading Passages | Text Marking


Vocabulary Gallery Walk


Word Wall Cards with Definitions

☀️ Solar System

Embark on an interstellar journey with resources featuring:


Vocabulary Gallery Walk


Nonfiction Reading Passages Scavenger Hunt


Word Wall Cards with Definitions

🔧 Simple Machines

Engage students with hands-on learning through:


Color by Number Comprehension Reading Passages

📚 Grammar

Make language arts exciting with resources like:


Verbs Task Cards Escape Room


Nouns Task Cards Escape Room

Unleash the potential of cross-curriculum learning and make every lesson an adventure! 🚀

Enhance vocabulary with Natural Disaster Words! Engaging word wall cards in 3 different options for interactive learning and engagement.
Improve water cycle reading comprehension through the interactive Water Cycle Adventure resource, enriching vocabulary and understanding.
Engage young minds with a solar system scavenger hunt, a fun way to enhance reading comprehension using nonfiction reading passages about space.
Enhance comprehension with interactive simple machines worksheets, reading passages, and color by number activities for engaging hands-on learning.
Transform grammar lessons with this Verb Game Task Cards! Engage, learn, and unlock verb concepts. Dive into 'The Heroic Verb Quest' today!


Teaching English just got a facelift! Dive into a treasure trove of literacy activities for reading, phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Our new cross-curricular resources inject a burst of energy into your teaching routine, fostering an environment where learning is both fun and effective.


🔗 Cross-Curricular Bliss

Infuse literacy into various content areas with our exciting escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and more!

🎓 Engagement Overdrive

Captivate your students with interactive activities designed to make learning an adventure.

💡 Innovative Teaching

Embrace a structured approach to literacy with activities that align with the Science of Reading philosophy.



Unlock the world of sounds and phonics rules to accelerate your students’ reading and spelling skills. Each level builds on the last, ensuring success in literacy.


Move beyond decoding words – enhance decoding, comprehension, and critical thinking with our resources.



Build robust vocabulary skills through engaging activities, boosting both speaking and writing proficiency.


Master the art of spelling using a structured phonics approach, reinforcing reading skills.



Spark creativity with writing prompts that reinforce phonics instruction across various styles and audiences.


Round out your literacy curriculum with resources that seamlessly integrate grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

🌟 Proven Resources, Real Results:

Just $87/quarter or $248/year


Real teachers loving Top Notch Teaching products

The Top Notch Teaching phonics packs are such a time-saver! My students, and their families, love the easy-to-follow worksheets and variety of games which allow them to successfully practice their reading and spelling at home.

Alison Perry, Queensland

Speech Pathologist | Sounds-Write Trainer

I’ve used a number of Melinda’s teaching resources with several of my tutoring kids over the past few months. I love the fact her resources are so engaging for kids to use! Closely aligned with modern research into the ‘Science of Reading,’ Melinda’s games help children learn the sound/s for each letter (or group of letters) and reinforce well-known phonics rules, thus helping the child to decode words more easily and become more confident and fluent in their reading. I would highly recommend Melinda’s games and worksheets for any teacher or parent who’s looking for easy-to-use, well thought out resources that follow a ‘synthetic phonics’ approach!
Mim Blake, South Australia

My favourite resource and that of my students are the Cootie Catchers. They are fun and exciting to use. They help children to develop their phonic skills without them being aware of it and they love the mystery of opening each layer. I find them a good reward at the end of a fruitful lesson. Way to go Melinda!!

Padma Shenai, India

Save time without sacrificing quality

Melinda, the founder of Top Notch Teaching, understands the challenges teachers face. Our goal is to make your life easier with ready-to-use, ‘top-notch’ resources. These fun and engaging activities will inspire and motivate your students while saving you valuable time.

Need to differentiate for students at different levels? No problem! The Top Notch Literacy Club includes resources ranging from beginning to advanced readers . . . and all the levels between.

Revive vocabulary instruction with interactive word walls in the classroom. Engage students with fun activities and boost their reading comprehension.

📚 What you will find in the Top Notch Literacy Club . . .

Explore a carefully crafted collection of literacy resources tailored to enhance your teaching journey:


Structured Scope and Sequence: A meticulously planned roadmap guiding you through each level of literacy instruction, ensuring a seamless progression for your students.


Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Thoughtfully designed plans that align with the Science of Reading philosophy, providing a clear framework for engaging and effective instruction.


Engaging Teaching Tools and Posters: Vibrant visuals that serve as impactful aids, creating an enriched learning environment within your classroom.


Versatile Worksheets and Activities: Dive into diverse worksheets and activities covering various literacy skills, offering your students engaging opportunities for practice and reinforcement.


Exciting Games: Infuse your classroom with excitement through interactive games that reinforce literacy skills and make learning a thrilling adventure.


Comprehensive Assessments: Seamlessly integrate assessments into your teaching routine, gaining valuable insights into your students’ progress and understanding.


Reinforcing Homework: Foster continuity and responsibility with homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning, providing additional practice outside school hours.


Teacher Reference Material: Empower yourself with a rich repository of reference material, offering insights and knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of literacy instruction.

🔍 New Inclusions:


Captivating Escape Rooms: Unleash curiosity as students embark on thrilling adventures, solving literacy challenges in an immersive escape room setting.


Interactive Scavenger Hunts: Merge literacy seamlessly with exploration as students embark on journeys of discovery, engaging with content in a dynamic and interactive way.


Visually Stimulating Gallery Walks: Immerse your students in the world of literacy through visually stimulating gallery walks, encouraging the absorption of information in a captivating environment.


Challenging Breakouts: Break out of the ordinary with literacy-themed breakouts, challenging students to apply their skills in unique and exciting scenarios.


Code-Cracking Activities: Engage students with the world of Secret Codes and Magic Word Searches, making literacy success a thrilling challenge.

This meticulously curated collection within the Top Notch Literacy Club caters to varied literacy needs, ensuring an enriching experience for you and your students.


What skills are included in the Top Notch Literacy Club . . .

Embark on a comprehensive literacy journey with a diverse range of skills designed to empower your students:


Phonemic Awareness: Develop a strong foundation in recognizing and manipulating individual sounds, a fundamental skill for early literacy.


Alphabet Letter & Sound Recognition: Lay the groundwork for reading and spelling proficiency through mastery of alphabet letter-sound associations.


Blending Sounds to Read: Hone the skill of blending sounds, a critical step in decoding words and improving reading fluency.


Segmenting Sounds to Spell: Equip students with the ability to break words into individual sounds, facilitating accurate spelling.


Phoneme Manipulation: Strengthen literacy skills by manipulating phonemes, enhancing students’ phonemic awareness.


Reading Fluency: Move beyond decoding to cultivate fluent, expressive, and meaningful reading.


Reading Comprehension: Foster critical thinking skills through activities that deepen comprehension and understanding of texts.


CVC Words: Master consonant-vowel-consonant patterns, building a strong foundation for early reading.


Digraphs & Consonant Blends: Explore the complexities of combining consonants in digraphs and blends, expanding reading capabilities.


Vowel & Consonant Alternative Spellings: Introduce varied spellings of vowels and consonants, reinforcing spelling rules and patterns.


Orthographic Mapping: Develop the ability to recognize and remember written words, enhancing overall literacy skills.


Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words: Delve into the structure of words with activities focused on prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

With over 250 resources and counting, gain instant access to over $1300 worth of literacy materials. New resources are regularly added to keep the excitement alive!

Revive vocabulary instruction with interactive word walls in the classroom. Engage students with fun activities and boost their reading comprehension.
Transform grammar lessons with this Verb Game Task Cards! Engage, learn, and unlock verb concepts. Dive into 'The Heroic Verb Quest' today!
This Phonics Word List includes words for every phoneme and spelling pattern! Now you can save time by having all your phonics words in one place.
Boost reading and spelling skills with interactive phonics. Try out these engaging OO sound words color-by-code worksheets for fun learning.
Enhance students' language development with the S sound words vocabulary pack. Includes varied activities for explicit vocabulary instruction.
You don’t need to teach consonant blends. You need to teach students blending. Blending is an essential reading skill that requires pushing sounds together.
Master Long A Vowel Teams with these AI, AY, and A_E Worksheets and Games. Engaging phonics activities for students. Perfect for independent practice.
Your students will love these Writing Prompts for ar sound words that are the perfect way to engage your students in high interest writing with a phonics bonus.

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About Top Notch Teaching

Hi, I’m Mel! I am the founder of Top Notch Teaching and I’m a primary school teacher and literacy specialist.

I started Top Notch Teaching in 2012 because I knew so many teachers who were struggling to achieve their teaching goals.

I have a particular interest in helping struggling readers and providing high-quality, evidence-based literacy instruction to help kids flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Top Notch Literacy Club align with the Science of Reading?

Yes. All of the resources in the Top Notch Literacy Club follow a structured approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing. This structured approach aligns with the research based approach used by the Science of Reading.

My school uses a balanced literacy or structured literacy approach. Can I still use these resources?

Absolutely! A balanced or structured literacy approach includes instruction in all the fundamental skills of reading, writing and word work. You will find all of these fundamental skills in the Top Notch Literacy Club resources. In addition, you will find resources to help you meet the oral language component of these literacy approaches.

What skills are covered with the resources in the Top Notch Literacy Club?

The resources will cover all of the beginning, intermediate and advanced skills necessary to provide comprehensive literacy instruction in reading, spelling, and writing. You will find resources to support you as you teach phonemic awareness, blending & segmenting, blends & digraphs, orthographic mapping, prefixes, suffixes & root words, writing for a variety of purposes, and more!

Will the resources in the Top Notch Literacy Club be relevant to the age-group and subjects that I teach?

If you are teaching reading, spelling, and/or writing, then the answer is YES! The Literacy Club includes ready-to-use resources for teaching all of the foundational literacy skills. With resources and activities created for beginning readers through 6th grade or 7th – 12th grade Intervention, you will find just what you need no matter your students’ age or skill level. 

Will I be able to use the Literacy Club resources to differentiate for the varying abilities of my students?

Yes, as a teacher myself I understand how important it is to provide engaging resources for students with varying ability. That’s why, when I develop my teaching resources and materials I provide instructions on how the games, exercises and worksheets can be tailored to meet different needs.

Why should I become a Member today instead of waiting?

There’s no better time than now to start saving time. Let me and the Top Notch Literacy Club save you hours when it comes to lesson planning. With an already structured scope and sequence and quality resources, activities, games, and assessments, you will have everything you need to teach all your literacy skills and concepts in one place.

Will my membership cost continue to increase over time?

Great news! The price you pay when you join is the price you will pay for the lifetime of your (continuous) membership.

What if I join but decide later it’s not for me?

I’m sure you will love the Top Notch Literacy Club, if however, you join and decide the membership isn’t for you then, of course, you can cancel your membership at any time. Don’t worry, there’ll be no hard feelings and no questions asked. 

I already purchased Top Notch Teaching products. How does the Top Notch Literacy Club differ?

First, let me say thank you for being a customer. You get access to ALL Top Notch Teaching literacy products and resources in the Top Notch Literacy Club, plus more! Plus, you get new literacy resources before they are available in my store or on Teachers Pay Teachers. Same great quality – consistent new resources – all in one place!

Is all of the content available straight away or is it drip fed?

It’s a bit of both actually! You get access to over $1100 USD worth of content straight away! And the best part is you also get fresh and new content every month you continue to be a member. 

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

No, the Top Notch Literacy Club is entirely online.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously I would love it if all my members stuck around forever. But I know that isn’t always going to happen. So, if you do decide to cancel (I’ll be very sad) you’ll be able to do so with just 2 clicks of a mouse.

Can I access content from the Top Notch Literacy Club after I cancel?

No. Your membership entitles you to enter the members area and access the content there released prior to and during the duration of your membership. If you cancel or do not renew your membership, you will no longer be able to access content from within the Literacy Club.

What support is available to me to use the membership products?

As a Member you are welcome to email me at any time –  I also have a teaching community on Facebook that I’d love you to join. Just search for Top Notch Teaching Community.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

You sure can! You can upgrade to an annual membership any time by getting in touch with me. Email me at

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