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Are You Looking For A Way To Make Phonics Homework Fun For Your Students?

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It can be time-consuming coming up with fun and engaging activities for your students to practice and review the phonics learning you have done in class.


Do you want to have your phonics homework all set up for you so you can just grab, copy and send it home with your students?


This free sample of phonics homework takes all the stress out of creating and organizing your phonics homework.

End the homework stress

Get smiles instead of groans…

When homework is quick and fun, you can have a win-win-win situation. Your students get the practice they need. Parents don’t have to fight about getting it done. You get smiles instead of groans.

Hassle free phonics homework…

Setting homework shouldn’t be a chore for you. You deserve a break too! You have many different ability levels in your class, so you need homework that will cater for that, but won’t add extra work for you.

Ready to go worksheets…

This free sample of phonics homework includes ready to go worksheets that have explicit instructions for parents and a tracking system for students to tick off the days they practice. So now it’s even easier for you to keep track of student homework.

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