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Benefits Of Reading: 17 Tremendous Reasons To Read Daily

What are the benefits of reading? What are some reasons for kids to read? This list will provide you with some helpful reasons to encourage kids to read.

There are numerous studies out there that share the benefits of reading. Some of those benefits include improved sleep, increased vocabulary and it helps to reduce stress.

But what are some reasons for kids to read? How can we encourage children to pick up a book and read?

When I asked my Little Miss 6 what are some of the reasons she reads. The first thing she said was, “FOR FUN!” Then she said, “to learn new things.”

I would have to agree with her, I find reading fun too and I’m glad that at 6 she thinks reading is fun.

Unfortunately, there are many kids out there who are reluctant readers and don’t find reading fun or see the benefits of reading.

But, what I’ve come to realise over the years from working with more than 80 reluctant readers, is that if you have a book that is at their level and that has an engaging storyline and pictures, then these kids think reading is pretty good fun too.

I’ve also found that all kids enjoy being read to….whether it’s an information book about sharks or a fiction book such as Harry Potter. It’s just a matter of finding the right book to inspire and engage them.

If you work with a child that is a reluctant reader, then this list will provide you with some helpful reasons to encourage them to pick up a book and read.

I’ve also put together a fun poster that you can use to display all of these fabulous reasons to read. Hopefully it will help your reluctant readers see some of the benefits of reading.

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Benefits of reading – 17 reasons to read

1. It’s fun

Find the right book and your child will think it’s fun too.

2. To learn new things

Find a topic that your child wants to know more about, then find a book that can teach them about that topic.

3. It can make you laugh

At the moment, my little girl is reading Captain Underpants books with her Dad. Quite often at bedtime I hear both of them laughing out loud.

4. It can make you cry

Yes a book can also evoke sadness and crying….strong emotions that you can talk about with your child.

5. You can do it anywhere, at anytime and in any weather

Oh yes, the perfect thing to do on a cold, rainy day…..immerse yourself in a good book.

6. You can do it with your family

Why don’t you have an evening where the TV goes off and everyone spends time reading their favourite book.

7. You can go on an adventure

I have been on many an adventure right here from the comfort of my lounge.

8. To be inspired

Have you ever read a book and then been inspired to make a change? Or been inspired to create something new? My little girl is often inspired from the books we read her. Frequently we find her making something, such as a shark from her new book club book, 3D Under the Sea.

9. Gives you something to talk about

I love talking about a good book and so does my Little Miss 6. She often tells me about the latest book she has read with her Dad.

10. Gives you funny jokes to tell

All kids love to tell jokes and try to make you laugh. Find a good joke book and you’ll soon be rolling around laughing with your little munchkin!

11. It can spark your curiosity

Being curious encourages kids to question what they’ve read and can open up new possibilities.

12. It can tell you about the past

It can be fascinating learning about things that have happened in the past.

13. It can make you smarter

It is so heartbreaking to hear a child say they are dumb or they are not clever. Let kids know that the more they read the more they’ll know. By reading you are continually learning.

14. Helps take your mind off your problems

Reading helps you to get away and forget about your troubles for a short time. It can help you to relax so that you can solve your problems.

15. It’s free

You can read all the books you like simply by visiting your local library. My little girl loves going to the library and picking out her fave books.

16. You can do it by yourself

This is my favourite thing about reading. You don’t need to rely on anyone else. If you’re bored you can read a book. Got a spare 30 minutes you can read a book. If you’re waiting for something you can read a book.

17. To imagine

It’s a lovely thing to imagine or dream about all the possibilities out there. And sometimes through hard work the dream can become a reality.

Why do you read?


FREE Reasons to Read Poster

Tell me where you want me to send your free Reasons to Read Poster:

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One Response to Benefits Of Reading: 17 Tremendous Reasons To Read Daily

  1. I never read that much, and was wondering if there was anything that I was missing out on. One thing that I really like that you said is that you can do it anywhere. My wife loves to read, and will usually have a book with her at all times.

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