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10 Truths: Why My Hubby Shouldn’t Be A Teacher

Do you think your partner would make a great teacher? Have you often thought that he/she should switch careers and become a teacher? Teachers get great holidays too, right? Well…

10 Truths: Why My Hubby Shouldn't Be A Teacher | topnotchteaching.comDo you think your partner would make a great teacher? Have you often thought that he/she should switch careers and become a teacher? Teachers get great holidays too, right? Well not me, I know that my poor hubby should definitely not become teacher.

Here are my top 10 realities of why my hubby shouldn’t be a teacher.

1. Teachers only talk thrilling teacher talk

Did you know that teachers live, breathe, dream and talk teaching? They don’t really like talking about too much else and unless you can do this, then there’s no point in being a teacher! You just won’t be able to fit in with ‘them’.

2. Teachers refer to their students as ‘their kids’

Have you noticed that teachers always refer to their students as ‘their kids’? Yep they have about 30 of them each year. And each and every one of them is ‘their kid’ and you better not mess with ‘their kids’. So how do you feel about having 30 of your own wonderful kids?

3. Teaching has a massive workload

Oh so you thought that teaching was an 8:40am – 3:20pm gig and that sounded sensational. Nope, that’s just when you’re with your kids and unless you want the munchkins swinging from the rafters then you better do your planning, organising, marking, report writing, professional development, networking, meeting with parents…..all outside of school time. So that now takes your work week to about 60+ hours a week.

4. A large part of teaching is dealing with classroom behaviour management

What’s that I hear you ask? Yeah that’s teacher talk for controlling your kids. So how do you think you’d go with this, pretty good? Mmmm well sorry to burst your bubble but kids kind of have minds of their own, so if they don’t want to do what you ask, then guess what…..they won’t?

5. Many teachers have disastrous admin support

Yeah every job can have crappy managers, teaching is no different I hear you say. Well maybe not, but if you have terrible admin support, and kids with severe behavioural issues, then you’re going to be in for a world of pain.

6. Schools have silly dress up days….all the time

You like good old dress up parties don’t you? You know when you’re invited to a party and it’s themed, like 80’s or starting with the letter ‘n’. Well welcome to one long school dress up party. Schools like having dress up days for everything: fairytale dress up day, crazy hair day, international day, world book day, hat day and the list goes on.

7. You’ll be your own school supplier

I bet you think your classroom is going to be decked out with all the greatest and latest of all things educational. You’ll have all the books, pencils, paper, craft and math supplies that you’ll need. Mmm, sorry but if you’re lucky you might get some white board markers, photocopy paper and some student work books. Anything else you’ll be supplying yourself.

8. Bathroom breaks are a thing of the past

One of the necessities of life…going to the toilet. When you gotta go you gotta go, right? Well if you’re a teacher this isn’t so easy you know. And if you’re not located next to another teacher, then it’s still even harder. It’s a long wait between breaks if you’re busting.

9. Playground duty comes around all too quickly

Teachers get lots of breaks during the day don’t they? Morning tea, lunch and sometimes even afternoon breaks. Sounds pretty good, but guess what? Someone needs to watch the kids while they’re having their break. Most days you rarely have time to gobble down your lunch before its back to class again.

10. Be prepared to take the blame for everything

Yep you read it correctly; everything is a teacher’s fault. The low test scores from your kids….teacher’s fault, some of your kids can’t read….teacher’s fault, kids aren’t doing as well as what parents want….teacher’s fault, kids using bad language….teacher’s fault. You get the picture.

Well there you have it, my top 10 reasons why my hubby shouldn’t be a teacher. So what do you think now, do you still want your partner to become a teacher?

But you know what…..I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else 😉

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