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Hard Day? 11 Reminders Why You Love To Teach

We’re talking about teacher well-being this month and a big part of that is feeling good about what you are doing. You may teach because it is your calling. You may have gone into it with bright ideas and an open heart. And then you have one of those days (or weeks).

Have you ever had one of those days? Maybe your lesson flopped, or your class was unruly. Here are 11 reminders why you love to teach.

Your lesson flopped. You had an incredibly unruly class. Parents complained. A student who had made such progress had a setback. You tried so hard and felt like you couldn’t help . . .

You know those kinds of days. Bookmark this page for the next time you have one. Because sometimes we all need a reminder of why we do this crazy thing called teaching.

11 reminders why you love to teach

1. We teach to make a difference in student’s lives:

“I teach because if I make the difference in the life of one little boy or girl, I have made an impact on the world.”

Suzie Lak

2. We teach because we remember a teacher who made a difference (and we want to do that for somebody else):

“My second grade teacher was Mrs. Rasmussen….We had a huge piece of suet on the window sill that fed the birds — not because we were studying birds, mind you, but because it was interesting. I remember so much from that year. I can still picture our awesome reading corner, talking with my teacher on the playground, and even her little dog that she would bring to school to sleep on her chair while we learned. That teacher inspired us to do more, think more, and be more.

I teach in hopes I’m that kind of memory for a child. I want to show them how to take risks, to persevere, and to follow their biggest dreams. I want them to understand that the learning journey we are on will never end.”

Krissy Venosdale, Hillsboro School District (MO)

3. We teach because we love growing:

“I am a teacher because I am in love with the process of growth. My personal growth, the growth of my students, and the growth of the world around us. As a teacher, I am privileged to be involved with the process of growth on a daily basis.”

Valencia Clay

4. We teach for love of students and subject:

“I teach because for some students, I will be the only person who believes in them. For some students I am the only one to encourage them, to help them to believe in themselves, and to get them excited about learning. I teach because I love history and I love making it fun for teenagers. I take pride in watching a student finally *get* a concept and understand that history is not just in the past. I love it when a student asks me a question I can’t answer on the spot because that means I have more to learn. I teach because nothing else is as challenging or as rewarding.”

Stephanie from Stephanie’s History Store

5. We teach because we love learning:

“As we teach, we experience the joy of learning over and over. Our mirror neurons fire, and our body responds to the successes we observe.”

Ruth Ferree

6. We teach for the a-ha moments:

“There is nothing better than watching an ah-ha moment, participating in a student discovering their own gifts, empowering young people to take control of their own learning, and witnessing the evolution of their behavior, attitudes and thinking.”

Rosie Venezia Singalewitch

7. We teach for the sheer joy of it:

“I teach because watching kids learn is joyous. I teach because kids can do anything with a little encouragement. I teach because sharing knowledge is the key to growing kids who are respectful, responsible, eager, cooperative, nurturing, caring, aware, happy, and loving. I teach because I make an impact and feel blessed every day that this was the talent I was given.”

Cindy from KinderKay 

8. We teach to bring hope:

“Education can be a source of light for families in difficult circumstances. I love to be a part of that apparatus of hope.”

Lauren Markham

9. We teach because we are influencing lives (even when we’re not sure that what we did mattered):

“You have no idea how much you have influenced my son’s life during this short school year.”

Steve Haberlin

10. We teach because it inspires us:

“I teach because each year I get to meet new people and we work together on how we are going to collectively make the world a better place. . .  the classroom is still a place where I can be surprised, inspired, and truly moved!”

Dr. Marcia Chatelain

11. We teach because we have much to offer:

“To see the wonder and delight on students faces when they learn something new is truly remarkable. I teach to inspire, share, enthuse, connect, help and stimulate.”

Melinda Crean

There are lots of reasons to love what we do. When you’re wondering if it is all worth it, remember it is. Take a minute to connect back to the reason you love teaching. Then take a little time to recharge yourself, and get ready to teach another day.

I love teaching, and I love helping other teachers too. I know that even when you love teaching it isn’t always easier—but it gets better with help and support.

That’s why I created the New Teacher SUPPORT Program, to help you increase your confidence, beat overwhelm and cope with all of the demands of teaching so that you can remember why you love doing this.

Have you ever had one of those days? Maybe your lesson flopped, or your class was unruly. Here are 11 reminders why you love to teach.

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