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Reading Roundup: What’s Happening in Education Lately

issues in education

Welcome to the end of another work week. So what’s been happening in education and teaching this week? You’ll find an inspirational video from a school in the UK, a fun math fact for cutting cakes, learning styles busted and some good advice when talking to schools about a child’s literacy difficulty.

You May Think You Learn Better In a Certain Way. You Actually Don’t // Quartz

I’m sure this one is bound to be controversial, especially when most of us probably learned about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and how we linked this to learning styles. You may also like to read this article by Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles’.

From Crisis To Calm: The Transformation Of A School // St George

This is an inspirational video that shows the transformation of a deprived school in London. It also talks about the Sounds-Write programme that I use in my teaching of reading and spelling, which just goes to show how an appropriate, well structured phonics program can make a huge difference to all students, no matter their background.

10 Good YouTube Channels for Math Lessons // Free Technology for Teachers

There are some fantastic math YouTube channels listed in this post. I particularly like the Numberphile videos, so many quirky videos on fun math facts. Check out The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake…who knew 🙂

How Can I Get My Child’s Literacy Problem Taken More Seriously At School? // Spelfabet

You will notice that I’ll probably share lots of articles from Spelfabet. I love Alison’s no nonsense approach and the ideas and views she shares around structured synthetic phonics. This article gives parents (and teachers) lots of information about how to help children that may have fallen behind in literacy or that do have a learning difficulty. There are links to researched articles and resources that may help. This is definitely worth passing on to parents who feel at a loss for how they can help their child, but also how they can approach the school.

Go Green In Your Classroom: 16 Resources For Environmental Lessons //Edudemic

This article has some fantastic links to resources, ideas, lesson plans and information for teaching about the environment.

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