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10 Pinterest Boards I’m Loving

Okay I’m going to admit something here…..I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. I think what I totally love about it is, it’s so visual and it’s all about organising, which I…

My Pinterest Boards

Okay I’m going to admit something here…..I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. I think what I totally love about it is, it’s so visual and it’s all about organising, which I love.

Hands up if you haven’t heard of Pinterest before? Well I don’t think you’re alone there. I had never heard of it until just a few months ago when I started this blog. And I know from talking to many friends and colleagues here in Australia that they have also never heard of it. So let me break it down for you 😀

What is Pinterest?

It’s just like an old school big pin up board, but it’s virtual. You can create many different boards of lots of different topics and then pin things that relate to the topic of that board. You can search the internet for groovy pictures, blog posts, items for sale etc. and pin these to the appropriate board. It allows you to pick a picture to pin and then you can add a description so you know why you pinned it.

How can you use Pinterest?

Well it’s pretty much only limited by your imagination. Some different boards I’ve seen that people set up include: wedding, renovations, crafts, recipes and the list goes on. Some of the boards that I have set up include:

Top Notch Teaching Places – This is where you can find all of my online places and contact information.

Products By Top Notch Teaching – This includes all the products I create that are either for sale or for free.

Articles From Top Notch Teaching – Included in this board are links to all of the articles I post on my blog.

TpT Newbie Stores – This board has all new stores on Teachers Pay Teachers that have less than 100 followers.

Cute Clipart I Love – This board includes all the clipart I love that is either for free or for sale.

I have some other boards there too, so if you’d like to see them all then go to my main page –

Collaborative Boards

The other really cool thing about Pinterest is that you can be part of a collaborative board. This is when someone has decided to open up their board/s and allow other people to pin to it.

This is fantastic if you want to promote something. Some of the collaborative boards that I have joined have more than 10 000 followers. The other day I pinned my article: The Top 5 Behaviour Management Strategies That Have Worked For Me to the collaborative board: Classroom Management and Organization. This board has a following of over 9 000 people. If you click on over to my blog post you will see that this article has now been pinned more than 100 times. In the two hours after I pinned that article, I also had more than 100 new people visit my blog.

By far Pinterest is the biggest traffic source of people to my blog. So if you have a small business out there or a blog and haven’t really considered Pinterest as a marketing tool, I would highly recommend it.

Alrighty let’s get down to business :-).

Here are the 10 Pinterest Boards I’m Loving (in no particular order!)

1. Good Teaching Ideas

Pinterest Board

Good Teaching Ideas Board

Who doesn’t love a good teaching idea? You’ll get lots of inspiration from this board.

2. Classroom DIY

This is a great board to get inspiration for getting crafty in your classroom (all pins are from the blog

3. Classroom Management and Organization

The one stop shop for ideas and inspiration to have a more organized class and stay in control.

4. TpT Free Lessons

Now who doesn’t love a freebie! This is a depository of all the free lessons you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers.

5. The Hunger Games

Pinterest Board

The Hunger Games Board

I’ve only just recently been introduced to The Hunger Games books. I haven’t been able to put them down, so I really do love this board. It’s all things Hunger Games related.

6. Sponge/Filler Ideas

This is a great place to find some quick easy activities and ideas for when you have a few minutes free in the class.

7. Centers and Small Groups

Are you after some ideas to use for small group work? You’ll find all sorts of free and paid pins at this board.

8. Freebies for Teachers

This board has all sorts of freebies from all over the web.

9. Behaviour Strategies

Pinterest Board

Behaviour Strategies Board

If you’re having some trouble with particular behaviours, then check out this board. There are a heap of different ideas that may be able to help you.

10. Grade Level Boards

These boards are all for the different grade levels.

Kindergarten Klub

First Grade Faculty

Second Grade Squad

Third Grade Troop

Pinterest Board

Third Grade Troop Board

Fourth Grade Friends

Fifth Grade Flock

Sixth Grade Staff

Middle School Maestros

High School Herd

Well I hope you are now inspired to go and check out some of these boards.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Are you on Pinterest? If you think I’d like to follow your boards then please feel free to leave your Pinterest URL below. And if you like some of my boards, then by all means follow along 😀


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  1. Stacy Holcombe

    Great post! I would love to be included as a member of your collaborative board High School Herd. My pinterest URL is

    Thanks for your consideration!

    • Melinda

      Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 The collaboarative boards listed in the article are not mine, but rather one’s I follow. If you’d like to join one of the boards, click on over to the board and request to join by the board owner.



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