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10 Most Popular Posts Of 2012

Wow..…what a year it’s been. I started this blog back in March after much thought as to where I was heading in my life. I’m so glad that I did…

10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

Wow..…what a year it’s been. I started this blog back in March after much thought as to where I was heading in my life. I’m so glad that I did as I have made some great connections with teachers from all over the world.

I thought it would be a great way to end the year by highlighting to you my 10 most popular blog posts of the year. If you missed any of the below posts, then I hope you enjoy catching up on them now :-).

10 Dr Seuss Quotes That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Here you’ll find 10 favourite Dr Seuss quotes as posters that you can download.

3 Getting To Know You Activities You Can Use To Help Create A Caring Classroom

3 activities you can use to help your students get to know each other and that will assist you with establishing a caring classroom community.

11 Strategies For Getting Your Students To Write

Some students find writing difficult and struggle to even begin. This is a list of 11 strategies you can use to help your students to write.

I Did It, My First Product: Classroom Job Charts

Assigning classroom jobs to your students assists with establishing routines and responsibility. These charts are a fun way to keep track of the jobs each student completes.

21 Inspirational, Educational Quotes That Will Help You Remember Why it is You Chose to Take This Path

Here you’ll find inspirational educational quotes that will help you remember why you decided to become a teacher and motivate you to want to keep doing what you do.

Do You Have An Ideal Classroom Layout?

Did you have a dream of how you wanted your first classroom to look? Here’s my ideal classroom layout!

6 Classroom Games You Can Use To Re-Energize Your Students

This post describes 6 classroom games you can use to help re-energize your students to get them ready for learning again.

Lesson Idea For Teaching Floating and Sinking

This investigation of floating and sinking is ideal for junior primary students. Students predict if objects will float or sink and then test their predictions.

Tales From A First Year Teacher: Will I Ever Get A Job?

Being a first year teacher is both rewarding and challenging and definitely has its ups and downs. These are the tales of a first year teacher.

The Top 5 Behaviour Management Strategies That Have Worked For Me

This article describes the 5 most effective strategies that I have successfully used in my class to assist with the classroom behaviour management.


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