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How To End The Many Hours Spent Searching For Engaging Phonics Activities

How To End The Many Hours Spent Searching For Engaging Phonics Activities | topnotchteaching.comOnce upon a time in a far away land lived a vibrant and passionate teacher named Ms Crean.  Ms Crean especially liked teaching the older children, so was surprised when one day, Ms Crean’s Principal came to ask her if she would like to try teaching grade two students.  Ms Crean knew this wasn’t really a choice so of course she said, “Sure”.

But, what Ms Crean didn’t realise was that many of her students struggled with reading, spelling and writing.

Ms Crean wasn’t prepared for this and spent many hours searching for activities and ideas to engage her students and help them learn what they needed.

To cut a long story short…..the day has finally arrived.  It’s been a long, hard slog, but at long last I’ve had the time to create the teaching product that I always wished I had when I taught that grade two class.

The Ultimate Digraph Teaching Kit is a complete kit that will provide you with all the necessary activities to teach 10 different digraphs (sh, ch, th, ck, wh, ng, qu, ai, ay, a-e).

And for a short time only when you purchase the kit you’ll also receive a FREE copy of my Spelling Activities – A Learning Center Using The Three-Story Intellect.

I’ve already started using some of the activities with my tutoring students and they’ve been really enjoying them and responding well.  With one student, we’ve been looking at the /ae/ sound.  Last week we used the laminated ‘Build the words’ sheet to practice saying the sounds in words and then writing the words.  Check out the picture below of the completed activity.

How To End The Many Hours Spent Searching For Engaging Phonics Activities | topnotchteaching.com

I’d also love it if you could help spread the word about the kit. It would be great if you could let your colleagues, friends and family know about it too.

Click here to read more about the kit and to add it to your cart.

If you have any questions about the kit, just drop me an email.

Thanks so much for your support



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