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Most Popular Posts On Top Notch Teaching In 2014

Most Popular Posts On Top Notch Teaching In 2014It’s been a great year here at Top Notch Teaching where we’ve covered lots of topics from lesson ideas to classroom management and SLD’s.

To wrap up the year I thought I’d share with you the most popular posts in 2014. This will be my last post for the year…..I hope you’ve also had a great year and you have a relaxing and joyful Christmas. I look forward to sharing more great ideas with you in 2015.

So without further ado, sit back….grab a cup of tea and catch up on what was hot in 2014 😀

1. 35 Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages

I knew this post was going to be a winner…..and wow it’s been shared over 14 000 times on Pinterest. I myself refer back to it often for inspiration of new and interesting games to play with my students. There are a range of games that suit all primary years from K through to 6.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

2. 11 Warning Signs That A Student In Your Class May Have Dyslexia

What is fantastic with this article is that you can download the handy poster. If you suspect a student in your class has dyslexia but you are unsure of what to look for, then these tips will help you begin the identification process. Many of you agreed this was a hot article as it’s been shared over 5 000 times on Pinterest and it had over 5 000 shares on Facebook and over 500 likes.

11 Warning Signs That A Student In Your Class May Have Dyslexia | topnotchteaching.com3. 20 Quotes To Help You Build An Effective Classroom

I needed a bit of inspiration at the time I published these quotes. I picked some brilliant quotes and poems that were designed to motivate you to build a better and more effective classroom. Enjoy browsing through them again.

20 Quotes To Help You Build And Effective Classroom | topnotchteaching.com4. Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways To Simplify Your Home And Teaching Schedule

At the beginning of the year I had a bit of trouble finding my organizational mojo, which was the inspiration behind this post. You’ll find lots of great ideas to organize your home, teaching and blogging life. There are also links to some free organizational templates. I’ll definitely be using some of these again in 2015.

Simplify Your Home And Teaching Schedule | topnotchteaching.com5. How To Take Charge Of Your Unruly Class

In this article I share my top tips for taking charge of your class. You’ll find ideas to help you make a change as well as tips to help you respond to misbehaving students. I hope you find some helpful ideas here.

How To Take Charge Of Your Unruly Class | topnotchteaching.com6. How To Make A Times Tables Booklet

Many of you found this tutorial fantastic. One Mum wrote, “I have a fidgeter who struggles with retaining number facts. I’m hoping that the combination of keeping his hands busy and involved as he is learning might help the ideas stick! Both my boys are having fun making them (as I type) so that’s a positive start.”

times tables games7. 70 Cool Math Games

While we’re on a roll with math, the next most popular article was my monster list of math games. This is a great article to bookmark for later so that if you need a quick game you can go here to find it. The games are sorted into junior, middle and upper primary to help you find appropriate games for the level of your students.

cool math games8. Top 3 Fun Spelling Games

This was my first video tutorial where I walk you through my 3 favorite spelling games. In the video I use a whiteboard to demonstrate how to play each game.

Top 3 Fun Spelling Games | topnotchteaching.com9. Card Turnover Math Game

In this article I share with you a fun math game to help students practice and recall the times tables. There are also some handy tips and extension ideas at the end of the article.

times tables10. 31 Days Of Fun Math Games and Activities

math games
Click here to find all 31 math games and activities

To finish up the top 10 of 2014 I have my October blogging series. This was a great personal challenge, where I blogged everyday in October about a different math idea. The games and activities are sorted into the different math areas including:

  • Number;
  • Mental Maths;
  • Space;
  • Measurement; and
  • Chance and Data.

This is another one that’s worth saving for later.

Did you catch these one’s during the year? I’d love to hear from you, what was your favorite article in 2014?


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