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Ugh, Spelling…Groan Your Class

Does your class groan every time the dreaded ‘S’ word is mentioned? If you’re anything like me, you sometimes find it hard to encourage your students to practice their spelling. It certainly wasn’t my favorite part of school as a kid! That’s why I’ve decided to create the Top Notch Teaching Spelling Challenge.

Practice Spelling With Games

A little creativity goes a long way in encouraging kids to practice spelling and games are a great way to get it done. Not only will the games in my Spelling Challenge encourage your students to practice spelling, but they will also offer practice with reading and writing … they are sure to be a smash hit with your students.

The Spelling Challenge Includes

A daily email introducing the Challenge of the Day – a new, fun and engaging spelling game for you to try with your students.
A suggested list of words to use each day, including differentiated single and multisyllabic words for the varying levels of your students.
Full instructions on how to complete the challenge each day.

Grab Your Spelling Games Now!

All this totally FREE and with no prep for you to do! So go ahead and bring some fun back into spelling. Sign up for the Top Notch Teaching Spelling Challenge now!

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