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Looking for skills-based phonics activities that are fun and engaging? Then you need this Phonics Homework Bundle. You'll get 100 weeks of phonics activities.

Teaching phonics doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming! With this bundle, you’ll get NO PREP phonics worksheets to make your phonics teaching easy.

Help your students master reading and spelling their CVC Words with these fun and interactive NO PREP CVC Words Worksheets that are perfect for morning tubs.

This digraph worksheets bundle brings together more than 200 pages of resources READY TO PRINT and use, covering 10 common digraphs.

Practicing long vowel sounds doesn’t have to lead to long faces. This long vowel worksheets bundle is all ready to print, copy, and laminate as needed.

These Phonics Cootie Catchers and Fortune Tellers are a great way to get your students reviewing important phonics skills and are loved by kids of all ages!

Do you need more cvc worksheets and games? This cvc worksheets bundle will help your students to read, spell and write cvc words.

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This monitoring progress bundle includes all of the student data tracking sheets you'll need to easily track your students’ mastery of phonics skills.

Keep phonics fun—and easy for you. Spin a word phonics games are an engaging way to help your students revise and practice words during spelling time.

These 19 sets of phonics screening sheets are designed to help you monitor students' phonological and phonemic awareness, reading, and spelling skills.

Give your students a fun and interactive way to practice advanced spelling patterns with this Spelling Card Game that is perfect for a whole class warm-up.

Make phonics progress monitoring easier with these done for you assessments. They can be used with any phonics program and are organized systematically.

Students love these spelling word games and you will love all the spelling practice they get. This fun and engaging bundle is perfect for word work centers.

Help your students learn, practice, and review R controlled vowels with a specific focus on the er sound. Your students will love these er worksheets.

Help your students learn and practice the OI and OY vowel combinations with these fun activities. Your students will work on vowel teams for the oy sound.

This NO PREP Phonics pack will keep your students engaged in reading and spelling words with the ccvcc, cvccc, cccvc spelling patterns.

Mastering phonics skills requires repeated practice. This NO PREP phonics pack will help your students master the phoneme /ow/, ou and ow words.

Do you ever get tired of creating engaging phonics activities? These phonics cootie catchers will make learning and reviewing sounds fun for your students.

Engage your students in phonics practice with a fun and interactive phonics bingo game that your students will LOVE. Perfect for word work centers.

This pack includes activities, games, and worksheets for n sound words. There are activities for single-syllable and multisyllabic words.

Is the long e sound your focus right now? I’ve created long e activities that are fun, colorful, and easy to use: print, laminate if desired, and use.

Your beginning readers are going to LOVE these Phonics Snakes and Ladders Games for reading and spelling. This game is perfect for first grade students.

Are you looking for some fun spelling activities to use with any list of words? This pack provides more than 20 spelling activities for 3 different levels.

Help your students master the suffix ed and suffix ing with these NO PREP ed and ing worksheets and games. They're perfect for literacy stations!

Are you teaching your students how to read and spell long o words? Here you'll find fun and engaging, hands-on activities, games and worksheets.

Your beginning readers are going to LOVE these Phonics Roll and Write Games for spelling. They're perfect for first grade students and struggling readers.

This natural disasters research project guides your students through all the steps, from brainstorming to reflection, and is a great cross-curricular activity.

This NO PREP phonics pack will help your students master the phoneme /s/. It's filled with FUN worksheets for single syllable and multisyllabic words.

Are you looking for some fun activities for teaching Long I? The activities are perfect for helping you differentiate for all the learners in your class.

This NO PREP Phonics pack will help your students master the air sound. It's filled with FUN activities that are perfect for morning work or homework.

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