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Help your students master reading and spelling the Long U sound with these fun and engaging games and worksheets that are perfect for word work centers.

Practicing long vowel sounds doesn’t have to lead to long faces. This long vowel worksheets bundle is all ready to print, copy, and laminate as needed.

This pack includes fun, hands on activities and games for teaching the long A sound. There are posters and word wall cards that can be used for display.

Mental math can be challenging—and so can learning the strategies. This mental math strategies pack makes it easy for you and keeps practice fun.

Are you looking for some fun activities for teaching Long I? The activities are perfect for helping you differentiate for all the learners in your class.

Are you teaching your students how to read and spell long o words? Here you'll find fun and engaging, hands-on activities, games and worksheets.

Is the long e sound your focus right now? I’ve created long e activities that are fun, colorful, and easy to use: print, laminate if desired, and use.

Do you ever get tired of creating engaging phonics activities? These phonics cootie catchers will make learning and reviewing sounds fun for your students.

Do you need some fun and engaging ways to help your students revise and practice words during phonics time? Then these phonics board games are just for you.

Combining fun and games with practice and learning is a win-win situation. These phonics games for kids are ready to print and use in your spelling station.

Help your students become confident writers with these phonics writing prompts for kids. They are perfect to use for weekly homework or in a writing center.

Do you ever get tired of creating engaging CVC activities and games? I've got you covered with this CVC words games packet; it's perfect for small groups.

Help your students work on essential reading skills like story retell and sequencing using an original social story that is perfect to use for small groups.

Teaching safety awareness just got more fun for your students — and easier for you. Your students work in small groups to identify good safety practices.

Keep phonics fun and easy for you with cootie catchers. They're a favorite with kids—and a fab way to practice the skills of blending and segmenting sounds.

This fun phonics games pack provides ready to print and use game boards that are perfect for independent practice, small group work, and homework review.

These Getting to Know You Activities are the perfect way to welcome your students into the new school year and best of all the tasks are NO PREP for you!

Are you looking for some fun ways to practice and review qu words? These qu worksheets are easy to follow so are perfect for independent practice.

This digraph ng words pack provides ready to print posters, games and activities that are perfect for independent practice and small group work.

Do you ever get tired of creating engaging digraph activities? I’ve got you covered with this NO PREP digraph ck words worksheets and games packet.

This digraph worksheets bundle brings together more than 200 pages of resources READY TO PRINT and use, covering 10 common digraphs.

These digraph games are lots of fun and couldn’t be simpler or more versatile. Your students can use them to play snap, concentration, and many other games.

Need some help teaching your students the digraph wh? Look no further with this READY TO PRINT digraph wh words packet that will make your life easier.

Need some help teaching your students about myths and legends? Look no further! This packet will engage your students and save you a ton of time.

Need some help teaching your students vowel digraphs? The ready to print activities and games are perfect for independent practice and small group work.

Are you looking for some fun ways to practice the th digraph? These worksheets and activities are easy to follow, so they are perfect for small group work.

Playing digraph games in the class is always so much fun. Here you'll find some sh words activities and games that are perfect for small groups and individual work.

Are you teaching your kindergarten kids how to read and spell ch words? Here you'll find digraph activities, games and worksheets.

Holiday times doesn't have to mean more work. These 37 Easter worksheets will add holiday fun to your lessons. Download, print, and you’re ready to go.

Classroom jobs promote responsibility and community, and these adorable spring classroom job charts make managing classroom jobs easier.

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