Complete teaching bundles for incredible prices


Back To School Activities and Games Bundle

This Back to School Activities BUNDLE is filled with 11 different resources that will make your life easier as you prepare for the hectic new school year.

Natural Disasters Vocabulary, Activities and Posters BUNDLE

Enhance learning natural disaster vocabulary with activities, including a research project, vocabulary exercises, and an escape room adventure.

Easter Worksheets and Activities

Holiday times doesn’t have to mean more work. These 37 Easter worksheets will add holiday fun to your lessons. Download, print, and you’re ready to go.

Natural Disasters Research Project PRINT & DIGITAL

This natural disasters research project guides your students through all the steps, from brainstorming to reflection, and is a great cross-curricular activity.

Getting to Know You Activities for Back to School

These Getting to Know You Activities are the perfect way to welcome your students into the new school year and best of all the tasks are NO PREP for you!

Myths & Legends Research Project

Need some help teaching your students about myths and legends? Look no further! This packet will engage your students and save you a ton of time.

Natural Disasters Escape Room | Severe Weather Task Cards

Delve into the world of natural disasters through an exciting Escape Room adventure designed to ignite students’ curiosity and critical thinking.

Water Cycle Reading Comprehension | Close Reading Passages | Text Marking

Improve water cycle reading comprehension through the interactive Water Cycle Adventure resource, enriching vocabulary and understanding.


Teaching safety awareness just got more fun for your students — and easier for you. Your students work in small groups to identify good safety practices.

Safety Story Retell Lesson Plan

Help your students work on essential reading skills like story retell and sequencing using an original social story that is perfect to use for small groups.

Natural Disaster Words | Word Wall Cards with Definitions

Enhance vocabulary with Natural Disaster Words! Engaging word wall cards in 3 different options for interactive learning and engagement.

Explore Space with the Solar System Nonfiction Reading Passages Scavenger Hunt

Engage young minds with a solar system scavenger hunt, a fun way to enhance reading comprehension using nonfiction reading passages about space.

Simple Machines Worksheets – Color By Number Reading Passage

Enhance comprehension with interactive simple machines worksheets, reading passages, and color by number activities for engaging hands-on learning.

Fun Classroom Games For Kids

Here you’ll find some of the best, time-tested classroom games that you can use to re-energize your students and get them back on track for learning.

Natural Disasters Vocabulary | Find the Definition Gallery Walk

Explore natural disasters vocabulary through an engaging gallery walk activity. Enhance learning with interactive definitions and dynamic engagement.

Digestive System Vocabulary Hunt | Human Body Systems

Enhance learning with the interactive Digestive System Vocabulary Hunt. Boost digestive system vocabulary and engage your students in a fun way!

Solar System Vocabulary | Find the Definition Gallery Walk & Worksheet Activity

Enhance learning with this engaging solar system vocabulary resource. Explore key terms through physical movement and visual engagement.

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