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A Quick and Easy Math Activity to Help Teach Number

I thought I’d do something a bit different this week…and share a video post with you, rather than my usual text posts.

In the video I talk about a quick and easy math activity you can use to help teach number and the sequencing of numbers.  I hope you enjoy!

Can’t see the video, watch it here.

Sorry about all the mess in the background…it looks like I need to give my study a good clean ;-).

Numbers On Front Freebie

Click on the picture below to download a copy of the Numbers On Front Activity.

Number on front


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11 Responses to A Quick and Easy Math Activity to Help Teach Number

  1. hi dear, i am a new im a new teacher . i am alittle stressed about teaching, in fact i wonder if i could cope with that or not, may i be in contact with u and get soem helps sometimes, if possible, im looking forward to hear from u through my email, thanks

    • Hi Maryam,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. There are many articles to browse through on the blog that will give you lots of tips, ideas, inspiration and support. The best way to search is by clicking on the ‘topics’ button on the top menu bar. You can then browse through the articles by different topics.

      You can also join my Facebook page where I share lots of useful content as well: https://www.facebook.com/topnotchteaching. Also if you subscribe to the blog by email I send a weekly newsletter with links to articles and other useful information.


    • Hey Stephanie,

      I’m glad you like the video, and thanks for the encouragement. Watch this space as I may try these again in the near future 😉


    • Hey Tania,

      I’m glad you liked the video and the cards…thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it’s great interacting with other teachers online 😀

    • Hi Kylie,

      Mmmm, not sure if it’s brave or silly 🙂 but I had fun playing around with recording the video. It changes things up a bit which I like!

      I’m glad you like the number cards.

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