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7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher Easier

7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher Easier

I think at times it can be pretty tough being a teacher, there is much to think about and do.

I’ve been pondering some of the things that make my life as a teacher easier. Below I’ve listed the 7 tools that help to make my life easier.

But I’d also love to hear from you, what tools help make your life as a teacher that little bit easier? Use the comments to share your ideas.

1. Laminator

I love my laminator. I can’t remember where I got it from or how much it was…but it has served me well over the years. I’m sure I had this one when I first moved up to Karratha, which was about 10 years ago.

This one laminates both A4 and A3 size which is great for when I want to laminate larger posters.

7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher EasierIf you like the punctuation posters you can pick them up in my store.

2. Label maker

Another trusty device that I would find hard to live without. I do think I might have a bit of a label addiction. I label everything…..but it comes in very handy so kids know where things are.

7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher Easier3. Cordless vacuum

I think this is the best invention ever! My Dyson cordless vacuum travels with me to my new job at the Literacy Clinic. It’s easy for me to pack in my car, no cords and the battery lasts long enough to give the clinic a very good vacuum.

7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher Easier4. iPad

I’m actually typing this post on my iPad. I find the invention of this little device quite life changing. I have a number of Apps that I like to use with my students. As well as the interactive whiteboard software that I use as part of the Sounds-Write program.

teaching tools5. Google Drive

Do you use google drive?….so handy. I have all of my lessons prepared in google docs and then I view and edit them on my iPad. When I’m conducting a tutoring session I have the lesson plan open and can type my anecdotal notes straight into the plan. Makes it so much easier then when I come to write reports, they’re all in the one place.

7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher Easier6. Mini whiteboards

Well let’s just say that I love these as much as my students do! These are great to use in tutoring sessions, engaging for the kids and easy to alter things if mistakes are made. Whiteboards are also wonderful for the class as you can get your students to hold up what they’ve written and it’s a quick way for you to scan the work.

teaching tools

teaching tools7. Timer

I do love setting my timer, I have a few different types. I quite often use the one on my iPhone and iPad. But I also have a good old fashion timer that once counted down the beeper goes off. So many uses for this trusty tool.

7 Tools That Make My Life As A Teacher Easier

What teaching item could you not live without?


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